Wednesday, January 03, 2007


There's something wrong with my computer at work. Every time I open the page i get numbers instead of words. The whole screen is covered with these tiny little figures on top of each other. They look like little ants humping. Actually they look like little ants frozen in place after being caught humping. Cute. Mostly.

BUT... I would like to check out my blog from work. I can post ( I happen to be at work right now), but I can't read anything I've written. Call me egocentric (actually please don't), but I like reading my blog after I've posted a new entry. It makes me feel ultra-cool. One day I might even start commenting on my own entries and having one sided debates with myself. Cute. Maybe.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

In A Little While

It's been a while. I had so much to say, and then suddenly..the well ran dry. Or maybe i just lost interest.

2007 is supposed to be massive for me. Maggie Farah said so herself :0. I'm a Cancer you see, and we're in for something big. I'm hopeful. I've had some amazing things happen to me, and some real shit moments. All in all 2006 was good. Maggie Farah was right about that, so I'm thinking she must be right about this year. All's good in rock n' roll. Whatever.

Anyway, updates. I'm totally in L. Love, like.. the works. It feels good. I'm getting a paycut at work if things keep going down the drain here in Beirut. I'll cope. I mostly like work. Like the people, the boss, the work itself. It's too bad they're turning the country into a ginormous shitpile. Too bad indeed.

We had a mini HNY party at the office this afternoon. The big boss asked each one of us what we wished for this new year. I couldn't come up with a single thing. I don't make wished anymore you see. I just hope for the best and see what happens. It takes a lot less effort, and makes you less aware of your unhappiness. Not that I'm unhappy or anything, but if I am, I'm just not aware of it. Not too bad, eh?

I'll just wait and see what happens in a little while.

HNY everybody.